ExxonMobil Clients

It is important to note that neither this communication nor the CHB Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors have been endorsed or supported by ExxonMobil Corporation. The CHB Investment Group has worked extensively with many ExxonMobil employees and thus has obtained a good understanding of the benefits provided to ExxonMobil employees.

Planning for ExxonMobil Executives

The CHB Investment Group focuses on retirement planning and portfolio management for employees in the oil and chemical industry, specifically for ExxonMobil. Through our work with numerous ExxonMobil employees, we have obtained a current understanding of the benefit plans of the company, which we feel adds significant value to our ExxonMobil clients. Over the past 10 years we have serviced ExxonMobil clients throughout the United States and Internationally.

Our Practice is different. We have far fewer clients than most other practices based on the level of assets that we manage.What we believe this means for you as a client is that you get more individualized attention and very customized planning solutions because we have more time to spend with you. Our only goal is to strive to provide you with the absolute best levels of service in the business, while helping to build, manage and protect your family’s wealth for your retirement and future generations.

For soon to be retirees, we recognize that this is an enormous, life changing decision and you have spent many years saving for retirement. You will be looking for a team you can trust and that will help add significant value to your life when advising you on important decisions concerning your assets. We believe that we are this group. Our primary goal is to make your transition into retirement easier by walking you through the entire process from start to finish. We WILL review your ExxonMobil retirement package with you to ensure that all the paperwork is filled out correctly. We WILL work directly with your benefits counselor to coordinate your pension lump sum rollover. We WILL conduct a joint conference call with you to the ExxonMobil Savings Plan to properly roll your savings plan into an IRA. If we use Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) strategy, we will do it at this time with you on the phone and walk you through the entire process. We are available by conference when you are inTexas to make your official retirement benefits elections. We WILL service you no matter where you move in the country throughout retirement. We currently service ExxonMobil employees and retirees living in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York,Connecticut, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Nevada.

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