Investment Management

CHB Investment Group, LLC investment management is driven by a single creed: discover opportunities and minimize risk. My ___ years of experience navigating market cycles and economic changes have taught me a consistent and disciplined approach to managing money is the key to long term success. And, every investment considered for clients should meet the 4 spokes in a wheel: Philosophy, Process, Performance, and People.


Philosophy is understanding how the investment exists and more importantly what's the method by which it makes money. There are 2,800 companies on NYSE alone but not every company is worthy of investing. ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) now account for over 30 per cent of all US trading however many don't have enough liquidity to continue. We screen and focus only on the most capitalized companies and funds for our client portfolios.


Process involves day to day management. We follow a detailed portfolio construction methodology, screening processes, with buy and sell discipline. Our portfolios will always be diversified both within and across asset classes. We re-balance portfolios at least quarterly so one holding is never too much weight in our portfolios. We utilize tax management programs to reduce capital gains or eliminate them entirely.


Performance should be in context with the client’s objectives and risk tolerance. Both risk and reward are consequential to every client and can mean the difference in meeting goals and expectations. Performance should be measured net of costs and clients should see results compiled at least weekly against relevant benchmarks.


People who either run a company, fund, or other investment vehicle they can truly differentiate themselves from mediocrity. The people including our own team must be strong to face challenges, have an insatiable curiosity for discovery, and adapt to ever changing times. Above all else integrity and honesty cannot be compromised and should be reflected in the daily actions of those who hold it.

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